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The regular axe, pick axe and battle axe all kinda stink now...

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I mean before they were at least serviceable at combat stancing doors, but now unless you use them with a + Destruction Jason. They kinda suck because you can't reliably knock doors down quick now. Especially once they changed the doors again.

What I ran when Weapon Swap first came out.

Part 2 - Spear

Part 3 - Pig Splitter

Part 4 - Battle Axe

Roy - Pig Spiltter

Part 6 - Machete

Part 7 - Regular Axe

Part 8 - Shears

Part 9 - Pick Axe

Savini - Fire Axe


Part 2 - Shears

Part 3 - Machete

Part 4 - Pick Axe

Roy - Fire Axe

Part 6 - Machete

Part 7 - Spear

Part 8 - Regular Axe

Part 9 - Pig Splitter

Savini - Battle Axe

If you wanna use the regular axe, pick axe or battle axe with any loadout. I find Destruction Jasons make the most sense. I realize you can kinda, sorta combat stance doors with those 3 weapons, but by comparison to the others, including the Spear. Its way more of an annoyance than its worth unless its Part 4, Part 8 or Savini.

Do you agree that those 3 weapons seem to be the weakest now?

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12 minutes ago, tyrant666 said:


Do you agree that those 3 weapons seem to be the weakest now?

I still use the wood axe on part 7 and battle axe on part 3 sometimes part 5 and the pick axe on part 9....

I haven’t really noticed if they are weaker but I don’t combat stance to break down doors much.... I usually use the canned animation because it feels more natural to me personally.....

I also try to limit the amount of doors I breakdown I usually go for windows and try to force players to use them while exiting the cabin instead of the broken door and then try to fill rage meter to do most of the door breaking....doesn’t always work but it has quite often.


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Best Weapons ranker by killing efficiency:

1. Machete, it's fast, it's easy to chop down doors, and it rarely gets stuck on anything. All Destruction Jason's can take down a door in seconds.  It  makes part 8 lethal, the decap and fast stab can be executed quickly and in tight spots.   The weapon is so iconic it look good paired with any of them.

1a. Shears are fast, but the kills are dumb (why didn't you make a kill that mirrors the shear kill from part5).  and Jason looks silly chopping doors down. If it wasn't for the speed it would be at the end of the list due to bad taste. 

2. Fireaxe, Woodcutter, BattleAxe, Pig Spitter.

All are fast weapons, BattleAxe seems slightly slower but I don't really use it because I don't like kills.   Fireaxe/PigSplitter  pair well with Part6&7.  Part 7 looks best with the fireaxe (the red blade pops out against the black clothes), close runner up is the PigSplitter.  The Woodcutter axe is meh, but only because I've seen the kills too many times, the "best one" is the skull spliiter after being stunned with then the handle. 

3. Pickaxe/Spear- I always have issues where the weapon gets stuck the most, and I have issues blocking attacks.   If you have issues with grabbing players and need the assistance take the spear.    The new pickAxe kills are well done , I wish they had the idea for the kill from the councelor POV sooner and more weapons had this. If the pick Axe didn't get stuck so much it would be with grouped with the axes.


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The battle axe is my favorite weapon to rock on running Jasons. That weapon can break windows and hit counselors through windows really easily. Just combat stance heavy attack for single window or wide swing for the double windows. The spear is good for weapon strength Jasons as well

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