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I know you'll be happy seeing this

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Okay....... Unless y'all "BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice, BeetleJuice" me again, I'm officially out.

I heard I may have been included in a group of people referred to as "Toxic SOB's" and since that member was clarifying some stuff he said..........I felt like I should clarify my part in being "toxic". Thanks for the talk @damnenchiladas. I know you weren't referring to me personally, but I think you now understand where I'm coming from and why. I wish other people got it. Maybe I wouldn't feel like I do or post like I do.

Whenever those people wanna start clarifying their own shortcomings, I may be back........ You know, .if they ain't gave me the full "@AldermachXI treatment" by then. We'll see.

Until then.........




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It was good to see you back today. Felt like old times.

Odd to see how much influence you had in such a short time. No one has won the day so many times in such a short period like you. Losing you, a lot of gamers lost their voice. You will be remembered.


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While i have been on the forums for a long time, i have posted here and there during the time i have been here and had many discussions with various people, many with whom are no longer here and they are missed. It really sucks to see what has become of this forum and sucks to see you go @BrokenFattHardy I appreciate the fun and honesty you brought to these forums and it will definitely be a more dull place without you as it has also become without @AldermachXI @Alkavian @Ghostboy20 @bewareofbears and many more. I am sure that i will be following soon enough whether it be voluntarily or by force. Either way it was a great time when everything wasn't so controlled. Keep keeping it Real @BrokenFattHardy  and stay WONDERFULLLLL

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