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Your thoughts about The Strangers 2.

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So recently I watched The Strangers 2 (Prey at night). And I gotta say I really liked it, the first Strangers of course had a whole different style. It had more suspense and quiet moments, instead, this one is all about gore, action and 80's music.

It had his things of course like the camera shots, there are some scenes that the camera work is totally amazing (like the pool scene or the truck on fire chase), but there are some moments (like the intro where aunt Sheryl walks to the door when someone knocks it that are totally out of place and just bad. And the ridiculous zooms? Let's not talk about it.

The acting is actually is pretty good, there are some moments of course that are meh but is pretty decent. The story is pretty simple (like the first one), one family of four go to a trailer park to stay for the weekend before they drop their daughter to boarding school.

The music is totally 80's, it have songs like Kids in America, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Live it Up, Cambodia, Making love out of Nothing at all and Cambodia. There are some people that think 80's music is a bad move and take out all the creepy atmosphere, in my opinion, seeing 80's music in 2018 is pretty cool for me. Besides, the use of the music is amazing, the most remarkable moment when they use 80's music is the pool scene and when Kinsey explodes the truck and then the truck starts chasing her.


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