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Friday the 13th NES the movie...by Redvolver

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So yeah a movie production is in the work based on the NES F13 game made by Redvolver,will happen with the help of donations.



Go check it out.

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That game was a nightmare to play lol. This is still one of my all-time favorite video game reviews...


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Also this isnt the first time something similar happened,another trailer made by Mega64 was released about 1 year ago,tought i think it was only a spoof instead of a real fan-film project.



Talking about another NES game,James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) also made a spoof trailer on the Nes game 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'. Tough that one is only a fan-made trailer and not an upcoming fan-film.


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So uh the fan film by Redvolver is out and um...i was kinda disapointed.



Here's my response in the comment section of the video :


So...it's only 4 minutes and 31 seconds ?.........I was kinda expecting...well...more than that,4 minutes and a half is pretty short even for a short fan film,somewhere between 10-20 minutes would had been better.


The trailer looked promising and felt like the fan film was going to be longer than this and had more plot,but seeing the actual fan film,feel like Michael suddenly decided 'well fuck it,let's just make it short instead'.


And this is kinda intriguing especially since you would think that the NES game as enough materials for a plot that could had been much longer than this.




-there's only 3 young adults in the fan film while the actual game as 6 adults and multiples childrens.


-Jason's mom head float in the game and attack the player,but in the fan film it just stay on that shrine and do nothing. -we dont see any of the survivors trying to fight back against either Jason or the zombies.


-no cabins,the fan film is pretty much set only in the outside.


The movie would had been longer if you had cast for the 3 other adults and maybe a fews childs,also adding more scenes where the adults try to fight back against the zombies+Jason+Pamela's head,some scenes where the adults try to protect the childrens and some scenes where some of the adults having discussions and finding clues either inside a cabin or in the outside.


Adding these things would have made the movie lenght about more than 10 minutes.


The props and costumes were nice,but the short length of the film doesnt give us enough materials to judge it for a good score out of 10,so i'll give it a 2/10. (at least for the effort and the props/costumes)



Heck even the Mega64 fan trailer had a bit more plot and a slightly bigger cast with 4 or 5 counselors instead of 3,one of the character actually trying to fight back against a zombie,a bit more conversations between the characters,one of the counselors actually trying to use a canoe,indoor locations and Jason mom head actually coming alive and flying in the air.


And all that at about half the lenght of Redvolver short fan film.

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