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   Beowulf was a great story, first read it when I was in grade 3, before I started the lord of the rings.... many, many years ago. Its been quite a while since I read it... so I am not sure if they actually called Grendel a troll or just a monster... but if I had to put a name to "what" he was, I would call him a troll.
   Grendel's hatred of "partiers" and the slaughter of the "partiers" is at the very least, similar to Jason and his mild dislike of the "partiers" that will not stop coming to Crystal lake. There are also many similarities between the old Frankenstein monster (I mean the old black and white movies, not the book) and Jason... at least from part 6 on anyway.
   There was another movie called Beowulf and Grendel (2005) with Gerard Butler and Sarah Polley. It was not a big budget movie and was done with practical effects... also closer to the original story than the CGI movie... but many changes to the story were still made, like any other adaptation. It was still very well done for what it was. But I also liked the CGI movie.... it had its "charms".

@Whammigobambam Although paying for future content sounds like a workable idea... future content is not yet added to the game and would still be called new content from this point on. It does not matter how far along the work on any of it was... it is not finished and in game, then it cannot be added. Although Uber is technically in the game files, he was clearly unfinished if you ever saw him used and is not officially released, so he is not in game.
   I would pay for the DLCs before they were released too... But many people would be greatly upset about paying for something they cannot get now, and just might not be able to get in the future.... but that is not the point here... This is nothing like the kickstarter… completely different circumstances apply. No new content can be added at this time for legal reasons due to the court case... we may get them after it is all settled, we may not. It depends on the settlement... and many other aspects that we need not go into as we know very little about it at this time anyway.... and we will still not know everything about it after it is settled.
   They will issue a statement and tell us what they can, when they can.... but do not expect much information. In general, you cannot talk about a court case (or ANYTHING to do with it) to the public while it is ongoing, for many reasons. 
    Also, asking for Savini Jason for any reason does not ever go over well... they have said no... never... more than enough times... Other circumstances with this Jason variant aside, we non backers will never get the "backer exclusive" content... namely, Savini Jason for one VERY simple reason... we were not backers. Handing out (or selling) backer exclusive content to non backers could very well become another can of worms in the legal sense.

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