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Matt P

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Hey my name is Matt and I am slashoholic! I love the Friday the 13th Franchise and am a hige horror freak! I bought the game on day one. I woukd have been a backer however when I found out the game was in production the kickstarter had already been closed. I have put in 1000s of hours playing the game and am close to 100%ing the game on ps4. My favorite Jasons to play as are part 2 now with weapon swapping and part 8. My favorite kill is still the bird bath. I have purchased everything I can for this game and spend hours playing mostly with friends in private games. I look forward to seeing where this game goes in the future. 

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Welcome to the forums!

And wow, congrats for closing in on the 100% completion. Playing as Jason for all those games alone is something I'll never get, so kudos.

You probably have all the players you need, but if you'd like to look for some from here, I'd suggest firstly the Gamertag thread. Loads of tags from members there, so have a look and feel free to post your PSN tag as well. There are also some groups in Player-Run Challenges and the Good Sportsmanship Club in General forum, if any of those catch your interest.


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