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So now that the game is pretty much broken when can we expect a response?

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3 minutes ago, badassgixxer05 said:

Random counselor/Jason selection spawns and early game ends are must fixes for next patch. Fingers crossed!

I wouldn't mind the councilors losing the convulsions when they are killed as well.

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Well this has been a delightful derailment into a separate conversation and that occurred in different Forum, hasn't it?

@UltraX2000, derailing a thread over a personal vendetta with single member, does not contribute positively to these forums.

@pApA^LeGBa, responding is not always a winning tactic in these kinds of circumstances. In this case, it deepened the derailment.

Please return to the original topic, and if the two of you would like to further discuss your disagreement, feel free to do so respectfully outside of an unrelated thread.

Edit: For anyone late to the party (*cough* @Freddie Mercury), I have removed the derailing posts, feel free to proceed with the previously scheduled programming.


Edited by NthnButAGoodTime
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10 minutes ago, Alien_Number_Six said:

Cut it out. You two are going to get my thread locked. Seriously who cares if you two want to argue so bad pm each other and have it out.

Was just about to step in and stop this pointless argument...

@UltraX2000 If you have nothing meaningful to post on this thread, then Don't bother posting at all! 

Stop derailing this thread.

@NthnButAGoodTime Damn, you just beat me to it.

Edited by Freddie Mercury
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