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Friday the 13th Part X: The Homecoming Game

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On 6/9/2018 at 2:20 AM, sedaiv said:

Now the fun part, who should return? I don't need it overloaded and I feel he should wrap up loose ends with Ginny & Chris. Tracy, according to the Tommy Tapes, went to college so I feel she's out completely.  

I think you should reconsider not having Trish in the story. As a huge Trish fan I’m pretty sad to hear this.


Trish was born in 1968, making her 16 by the time of the 1984 massacres (Part II, III, IV). This means she was heading in to her junior year of high school when these massacres happened. 

The Tommy Tapes say she is prepping for college. She could be prepping by going to Pre-College, meaning that tape could be in 1985 as she would be a senior. In 2017/2018 she would be 49/50. So she is well out of college. 


I think Tommy should talk to Ginny and Chris about the attacks as he says he’s going to find another survivor in one tape- and bring Trish along too. I think Trish knows Jason is real, but thinks he is dead after seeing Tommy kill him. Which, clearly, isn’t true because of Parts 6-9.

The tapes suggest she has moved on from Tommy and from the attack on the Jarvis Residence. She must’ve continued working her job that she got from her degree in college or made a family (which could also add a potential new character). She most likely lost contact with Tommy due to his MULTIPLE facility changes or whatever. 


Keep in mind, now everyone knows about Jason thanks to him going to Manhattan and getting the FBI’s attention. 


So please, reconsider not having Trish!!!! Ginny, Chris and Trish definitely need to team up with Tommy and Megan to take Jason down once and for all. Besides, I think I’d be interesting seeing Trish and Megan talk about Tommy. 


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@Yoshman2523 I posted the first chapter. I have Christine Higgins accounted for, as well as Paul Holt. Ginny Field will return at some point. Thank you for Your input:) i i posted the first chapter here and on my fanfiction account

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