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Dynamic Audio & The Music of Harry Manfredini

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One thing I'd really love to talk about, and see some behind the scenes of personally, (me being a big audio artist, and editor), is how Harry Manfredini's work will be implemented into the game.


We've all heard Harry's music in all the films, all fantastic!  They create the perfect character in atmosphere for all of these films.


and we've heard some of the tracks in the Virtual Cabin, but we all know there's going to be more than just THOSE tracks.

There are item cues, FEAR cues, event stingers, chase sequence (could be more than one chase song so you don't just get bored of the same chase music over and over again), there's Jason's hunting music.


In any event, music on Jason's side may sound completely different from what the music on the counselor side is hearing in that same moment.


Will music change dynamically during cinematic moments?


For example,


Music kicks into gear when you catch sight of Jason, what was the music doing BEFORE that moment?  How will the music interact and transition when the player enters a cabin in the middle of said chase?  Will it dynamically transition into a moment of tension and decision making, rather than the full blown chase music?


Will the music be like Dead by Daylight where it's used as an alarm for the survivor?  Or will it be used more cinematic, and only chime in if it suits the scene? (giving Jason the stealth he needs to creep up on a counselor).


There are so many questions I have about the audio of this game and how it will meld all these experiences together to create a believable atmosphere.


We. Must. Know. Harry.    We must know...

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I'd love to hear more about this too. My guess is that it'll be the 'danger music' approach, that'll kick in over the more eerie/moody music while you'll hunting around, then also something threatening while you're trying to successfully hide.

It'd be particularly cool if, when things get down to the last victim, it's like danger music all the time, though!


As the game gets nearer to completion this is definitely something I'd enjoy seeing in action in videos.


Another thought is that that, of course, we're now getting some single player content. Does that mean some fresh tracks for those? If some scenarios are aping sections of the movies, could we get the matching movie music as well?

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