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The current state of Jason vs Counselors

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3 hours ago, CPLhicks31 said:

Using the grip mechanic is not a bad idea at all.

Well, it can't be one sided...

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19 hours ago, AdrianBlackbear said:

 OP is literally bitching because coordinated counselors can kick Jason's ass, and he doesn't think that's fair when all they really have against Jason is a number advantage.

Awwwww..  Gawd.    You again...lol


Look man.  Im bitching about the constant STUNNING.  Which is something that myself and a few counselors can easily inflict on Jason.

It makes Jason look stupid when he's getting beaten that easily.   


LMFAO Coordinated?     It just non stop attacking... its not coordinated at all.

And i would rather that not happen in the game.   Its just that simple.


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