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It's me again.

Seriously, I know that it's just a game and as previously mentioned: I'm not spending that much time on it anymore.

However, I returned after some time passed and now I know why I left to play other games...

BEFORE you bring out new content:

  • Make language based regions OR let us choose where to play OR make "English" as a RULE.
  • Fix the salt mines
  • Fix random counselors 

There are some ethinic groups who've only learned swearing from their childhood. Let them swear in their own region, cause it isn't fun to play the game anymore..

TBH I don't really care about such things but in F13 it seems to be extreme. BAN the people who Glitch/Exploit/DLL/Swear.

Suspend the people for 2 weeks, the first time, f they do not care about TeamPlay, they should play offline, since it is a Teamplay game, isn't it? **

Don't get me wrong, Im not bulleying or crying, its just sad to see a game with such a good potential dying.

** With no Teamplay I mean: Someone fix the car/boat, other one jump into and rush away alone or overrun people. If somebody gets is own way out, it's fine, but not egoistic play.

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