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The Wolf with that Toast

Terrordrome : Reign of the Legends

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I found out , thanks to @The Gloved One , that there is a second Terrordrome being kickstarted. It is a fighting game with mythical Monsters , early movie Monsters , ......

Even Herbert West (the book Version) is planned to be a character.

And one of the coolest Things is , that they him Frankenstein and not Frankenstein´s Monster because he recognizes himself as the son of Dr.Frankenstein. Another note , the movie Bride of Frankenstein......it is the Monster´s wife and not the doctors wife , so another reason , why he should be called Frankenstein.

Sadly they can´t use movie villains like Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger because of licensing issues.

Check it out!

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Looks cool. I'd like to give it a shot eventually.

But my dreams of an official fighting game with movie licensed killers are still just dreams. Shame.

First game was great though. Nice to see pumpkinhead get some love whenever possible.

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