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Honestly, this game doesn't have a "Nice Guy" trope or "Party Guy" trope, so here we go. Jimbo should be added, right? I mean, nobody dances like that guy, and he is absolutely hilarious, and come on... Crispin Glover...! On with the stats...

Gender:  Male

Explanatory, really...

Composure: 6/10

Jimbo seemed shy and really, he seems somewhat composed, and of course because he is shy, his composure shouldn't be too high, but decent at the least.

Luck: 7/10

Jimbo got pretty lucky in this movie. He's a nice guy, and he got lucky with a really gorgeous Tiffany twin. High luck just for that. Way to go, Jimbo! Not so much of a dead fuck anymore!

Repair: 6/10

Jimbo seemed pretty knowledgeable in this film and since he isn't athletic, he needs something to fall back on. He also needs a purpose for his teammates in the game, because a Chad clone? No, thanks! I think Jimbo knows how to repair cars and stuff since he seems like that nerdy nice guy.

Speed: 3/10

Jimbo isn't really depicted as athletic or speedy in the film and he seems lean.

  Stamina: 4/10

Again, goes with the athletic part.

Stealth: 6/10

He's a quiet nerdy nice guy, so eh.

Strength: 3/10

Again, not very athletic...

So... anybody else agree? The three 6's in stats is probably annoying, but eh.



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Dude yeah we do need Jimmy from Part IV, but I think the trope name could use some reworking like "The Buttmonkey" or something, but I think his repair should be lowered, considering he showed no repair capabilities. Repair should be like 4/10 and the 2 points could be given to his stamina and speed.

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