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Last Year: The Nightmare

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I've been eyeing this game for a very... long time. I was wondering how the gameplay would work, 5 teenagers with fighting capabilities versus 1 killer that can change to 3 variants. 

I seen the game play (Beta) at the event. It was... half awesome and half disappointing. The bugs was normal, it was very early in it's version.

Here's why:


- Features 5 Unique looking characters.

- 3 Killers with different abilities for different situations.

- Tons of weapons and equipment.

- Can craft items.





- Teenagers can respawn? Wtf! How this works is when a survivor dies it's on a timer, when a timer is up the survivor spawns in a random school closet and has to be rescued. However for each death that occurs on the team the timer is longer which allows the killer to eventually kill them all. But that's stupid, respawning ruins the intensity of being chased or fighting.

- A little too fast pace, the match ends fairly quickly when both sides are equally good. Killer usually wins most of the matches.

- Gameplay is too similar to Left 4 Dead in a way, which explains the fast chaotic nature of the game.

- Any character can be any class. Wait what? This means The Nerd can be a fighter and The Jock can be a medic. Wtf what happened to the trope abilities? The reason why it's important to make sure one teenager is one class because it defines them strongly. The Jock should be a bruiser, a strong kid to protect his newfound friends. Takes some hits and hit hard, that's what made The Jock character so good also helps the killer to identify their victims. But now he can only choose from 4 classes. (Assault, Support, Medic, Scout) There cannot be more than 2 of each class. Which means tough kid ends up being a support or fricken MEDIC. 

- Killer has infinite lives. As you know the killer can actually die but it's only for a few seconds. The ability to spawn from L4D is used and he MOVES HELLA FAST. I feel like killing the killer (Ha) has no impact other than giving yourself some breathing room. I hope they can change this in the end product, the killer(s) has I dunno 4 lives each. (12 in total)

- Weirdly futuristic, I know it's a style but a sentry gun in the 90's... made by a popular girl? (Stupid class system again!) I mean that's kind of a stretch, but that concept would be cool on STRANGER THINGS.

- Currently only one escape option, they're gonna add more possibly during production.

Overall I give the Beta: 5/10.

Possible changes may boost it up to 7/10.

And if they listen to feedback, 8/10.

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4 hours ago, TiffanyIsBae said:

If you didn’t play it yet, why rate it? Look at this game, it was given results but now? @Left2Right

Because at the event the wait was 1.5 hours long to play so instead I just observed the gameplay from a distance. Multiple perspectives. 

And if you read my topic I said it in a way it's non-official in till they actually come out of beta.

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I thought this game looked really interesting initially.  However, the more gameplay I see, the more skeptical I become.  I like the overall look of the game, but something about the objectives I have seen and the weapons some of the teens used in the video I watched seemed kind of corny or goofy.  All of this may be pretty moot due to the fact I don't really like playing PC games and, if I have the correct info, this game isn't coming to consoles (PS4).  

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I was looking forward to this game, but since gameplay has been released I think it's apparent that it's way more of a goofy fighting game rather than a horror game.

Specifically, both sides being able to respawn pretty much killed my interest in it. :(

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