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New Friday the 13th tv show

Could Friday the 13th work on the small screen?  

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  1. 1. Jason on tv?

    • Absolutely
    • No, Have you not learned from the past?

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How about a Ghost Riderish F13 series?

Jason's been gone for years, but his deadly spirit lives on, and attempts to possess some comic book gamer nerd, but it turns out the guy learns he can control when he turns into Jason...and becomes, drumroll please, crime fighting Jason. And, they could use Savini Jason, or any and all forms of Jasons...kind of like the guy becomes a Jason MegaMan.


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I wouldn't mind something akin to "Riverdale." That show is absolutely bonkers, with the Black Hood murdering everyone. Maybe go the Jason copycat murder mystery route like they did with Roy in Part 5. 

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