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I am realy pumped to try this new counselor Victoria and see she doesnt have access to the current DLC clothing. I get that its because she would have to have had an outfit already included in the pack and changing this isnt going to happen. Everyone is itching for more clothing options so why not release a second round of clothing DLC let the new counselors catch up! Its spring 2018 so why not have spring break '85 season 2?

This is what I think the forgotten counselors should be rewarded with



In the film he wear a wetsuit so give him a wetsuit so he can go swimming like the others! Simple.



Hes the hippy trope and would probably be a chilled surfer dood guy. Bermuda swimming shorts would be his style and would probably show weed leaves not palm trees as a pattern!



Hard to say her style but I think a basic bikini with tank top would be no nonsense and like the photo she could wear leather gloves to still be that hardcore biker woman.



A rival to Tiffany but with a mean streak. A ruffled innocent bikini from the front that says 'Daddys Girl' but luring from the back  this shows her true style of acting sweet and innocent but being a back stabbing bitch that can get the attention from others to do what she wants even though she doesn't care about them. More a sea-siren than a swimmer!

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I feel like they should just add like a 5 dollar clothing pack that gives all the DLC Counselors all the exclusive outfits. (Spring Break, Halloween, and when it comes, Pajamas).

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