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Your favorite horror movie deaths

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1974] - girl stabbed onto meat hook

Texas Chainsaw Massacre [2003] - guy gets leg chopped off, then stump is salted and he his hung on meat hook, later stabbed by his own friend

Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Beginning - young man strapped to a table, he is impaled with a running chainsaw and his face is cut off

Day of the Dead [1985] - Captain Rhodes is ripped in half, Shovel splits zombies head, guy has head torn off

Cannibal Holocaust - girl impaled on spike [offscreen but it's iconic to the film and even used on box art], man has his manhood cut off and then bashed and chopped to pieces , man bit by venomous snake and has leg cut off but he dies from blood loss and shock

Salo : 120 days of sodom - bread is stuffed with nails and fed to one of the young captives, i assume she swallowed them or they cut into the top of her head. young man is caught having sex with a maid which is against the rules, he stands in salute before being shot by a firing squad .

Hellraiser - Frank who is wearing his brothers skin is bound in hooked chains and utters "Jesus Wept'' before being torn apart , Julia hits a man in the head multiple times with a hammer, his face is completely smashed

Resident Evil - Laser grid trap slices a bunch of soldiers into pieces, highlights include missing fingers, decapitation , cut in half at waist and cut into a grid

Halloween 4 - Grady has his face crushed before his neck is squeezed and twisted , guy driving a truck has his neck ripped open

Halloween 5 - guy has sex and is impaled by a pitchfork ,

Halloween 6 - Mr. Strode is stabbed and impaled to an electrical box and his head explodes. Michael kills various medical staff with a machete in an operating room massacre. Michael smashes a guys face into a metal bared door and his face is split between the bars

Sleepaway Camp - girl is stabbed through a shower wall,

Sleepaway Camp 3 - fat chick is buried and her head is run over with a lawnmower

Silent Hill - the Great pyramid rips a ladies skin off, woman is killed with barbed wire that rips her apart

Alien - Chester Burster scene , Alien Kills Parker and lambert

Predator - the creature Rips out Billy's Spine, guy is shot in chest with cannon

Commando - Arnold uses saw blades and shurikens

Saw 3 - Ribs torn out of woman in "angel wing" trap

Friday the 13th - Arrow through bed

Friday the 13th 2 - double Impalement

Friday the 13th Part 4 - Jasons Death

Friday the 13th part 7 - all of them

A Nightmare on Elm st - Tina's Death, Glens death

The Burning - Raft massacre

Scream - Opening scenes in uncut version where they show the boyfriend being gutted and Casey is hung from the tree with more of a closeup


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Happy Birthday to Me where they pull the weightlifting stand away from the guy while he's lifting, leaving him struggling to hold up the weights... Then they proceed to drop one of the spare weights on his nuts, making him drop the one he is lifting in his neck.  Great stuff.

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The 2 movie kills that I thought had huge impact was the first kill in the The Ring, where the girl was rotted in the closet. They didnt really show the kill, but it set the tone for the movie. Also in the original Carrie. She is standing there covered in blood and kapow head soup all around. The latter I saw as a child the ring I saw as a stoned 19 year old and they both stuck with me. 

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On 5/3/2018 at 3:57 AM, Alien_Number_Six said:

It's not a death scene. But Dallas getting caught in the vents during Alien and Parker's explaination of how he found the Flamethrower but no sign of the man freeked me out. I kept wondering where did it take him? Why did it take him? What is it doing to him? And when I found out in Aliens the scene made me feel even more uneasy.

You and me both, man. The scenes where he's in the vents trying to flush it out just makes my skin crawl, just knowing the alien was in there with him. The motion tracker bleeping as it got ever closer, with the music slowly ramping up sending you into a panic right along with Dallas. That scene and the chestburster scene with Kane's death are up there in my top 10 for sure. I saw Alien at 6 years old and had nightmares for years after, and sometimes I still do. 25 years later, in 2014, comes Alien Isolation. It was literally like Creative Assembly wrote everything down that made Alien terrifying to me, and then charged me $60 to play it! 

Got off on a tangent, so let's see here, top horror deaths for me are.....

1. Kane (Alien) - Chestburster explodes out of his body

2. Dr. Copper (The Thing) - consumed by the Norris-thing monster

3. Captain Dallas (Alien) - ambushed by the alien inside the air shafts of the Nostromo

4. Alex Kintner (Jaws) - pulled from the raft and mutilated before being devoured

5. Nikki Parsley (Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives) - face crushed against the wall of the RV

6. Paul Allen (American Psycho) - Chopped by Patrick Bateman wielding an axe

7. Chrissie Watkins (Jaws) - Dragged and eaten

8. Trey Adam (Freddy vs Jason) - stabbed multiple times by machete and then folded in half inside a bed

9. Judith Myers (Halloween) - stabbed 9 times in the chest/stomach by her own brother, Michael who was only 6 years old

10. Bob Simms (Halloween) - pinned to door by a kitchen knife through his chest while Michael Myers stared at him

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