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Jason Weapon Kill Packs: already existing weapons vs new weapons  

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  1. 1. Old Weapons vs New Weapons

    • Already Existing Weapons
    • New Weapons

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7 hours ago, Crispen_Glover said:

why not both?


8 hours ago, FlameRiderSD said:

I choose ones we don't have but add a "Why not both" option

Id rather get both



7 hours ago, SteveChristy said:

Definitely both. More kills, more weapons, more kills.


3 hours ago, The_Gray_Ghost_ said:

I voted for old weapons but I'd like to have kill packs for both options.



21 minutes ago, aurllcooljay said:



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I'm telling you, a non-weapon kill pack would be good. Allowing jason to grab two counselors at once and choke them out or bash there heads in, even environmental kill. This would change the dynamic a little and when playing as a counselor, we would have to shift tactics when buddy-teaming against or around Jason. This could also save on a pocket knife for one counselor when jason grabs both or an extra could be wasted. We would just have to adjust fire as counselors but it would not just benefit Jason. It would be a lot easier to break free from jasons grab, holding two and he would have to execute the kill rather fast.

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On ‎4‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 5:29 PM, Reyezblood 03 said:

Hmm, they could add kills from the movies. Like the one from Part 6, where he twists that chicks head around until it came off

This is the kill I was thinking about when I clicked on this thread.  I would love to see that kill.  Simple, quick, and pretty cool kill in my opinion. 

I would also like to see weapon kill packs for the pickaxe, the spear, and part three Jason (axe).  I'm really looking forward to the weapon swapping though, because the machete kills (so far) are my favorite kills.  However, at the moment, they are attached to my least favorite Jason.  I am also hoping that certain special kills from the single player challenges (i.e. the wood chipper kill I saw in a video) eventually make it into the multiplayer online matches as context kills in the barn at Higgins and Pinehurst.  

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