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STEAM: anybody need badge for the boat?

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Here's the deal: you're the councelor, you fix the boat, i (Jason) flip over the boat, and you get back in and escape.
I need to do it 12 times to get my last badge.
I'm trying for months now, but nobody ever wants to play on big maps with a boat... and even if they do they don't go for the boat.
So... if anybody want's to do this, let me know.

You can do whatever you need to get  points/badges (fix anything, call tommy/cops, search drawers for tapes or whatever).

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  Remember that only one boat flip (or anything else for that matter) is counted towards the badge from a match.
   I have the same problem with people not wanting to use the boats and wanting to play small maps... I still need about as many boat tippings as you do for the badge. Even when there is a boat, it is rare that people try to use it. I almost never tried to escape on the boat before reaching max level... now I try it whenever possible.
   I hope you find someone to help you with this, but I will just keep trying in game.... with part 4 Jason... I miss the boat sometimes, but I still get one now and again... just more of a challenge with -water speed.... and the fact that for some time now, whenever I drive the boat I can see Jason on the mini map... every time that Jason shows up to try and stop me. He should be hidden from view on the mini map, unless you can see him or someone uses a flare gun on him or shooting it in the air. Its not like you can actually see him in the water beyond the red dot above him, which you cannot see in the water until he is very close. This has been making boat escapes rather easy for me, even against +water speed Jasons. I hope they get rid of this feature with the next update... we should not be seeing Jason on the mini maps unless there is a reason we should see him.

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