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Hello whoever will be reading this,

first of all: I'm not native english, meaning there might be spelling mistakes or bad form of sentences but I'll try my best.

To start off: I want to list some bugs and weird things I encounter quite often. I will name them and then go more into detail.

1. Blackscreen at the start of Private matches

I often encounter a blackscreen at the start of the match (only in private ones). The Host is then forced to restart the game fully because pressing the escape key will not work.

The Non-Host (no idea what to call it) can leave using the escape key since the menu pops up normally. My idea: Some Maps are incompatible with some Jasons or something else. I've tested and it seems that Jason Part 8 always works on Higgins Haven and Jason Part 2 works on Jarvis's House.

2. Jason Kill through open window

Now when Jason grabs a counselor and he is close to a house with windows he can throw the counselor through the window, breaking the window and killing the counselor.

Sometimes though, he can throw a counselor through an open window, still killing the counselor, which doesnt make sense. An Idea to fix it: Add a tag to check if the window is open, so when Jason is close he will not see the small circle or something like that.

3. Jason or Counselor swinging through doors or walls

The title says everything, basically you stand really close to a door, whether as Jason or a Counselor and you can just swing through hitting other players if they are close or in the action/animation of locking the door. The pros for the Counselor: They can stun Jason with a bat if he is breaking open the door. Pros for Jason: He can hit them in general or stop them from locking the door.

My idea to fix this would probably be, adding some trigger or hitbox or whatever to prevent damage.

4. Jason getting stuck when grab

Now for this one, I don't have much information, I didn't encounter this bug often. Let me explain what happens first: You are Jason, you grab a counselor and then once the counselor is raised so Jason can move, the movement keys dont work, meaning you won't be able to move and you'll have to wait until the counselor escapes. Because I didn't encounter this alot of times I can't really tell where/when it happens, but I'm sure it has something to do with the collision. Hope this helps.

Now let's go over to the suggestions I have.

1. Environmental Kill: Impaled by Pitchfork

Basically, in the barn on any map I sometimes see Pitchforks lying on the ground and I am disappointed there isn't a kill involving it. My idea: Jason has the Counselor, preferably in the barn, he throws the counselor on the ground, takes the pitchfork and impales either their head or belly.

2. Jason Part 10 and Jason Part 11

Now don't get confused by Part 10, I mean Jason before he gets his "upgrade" to Jason X. And then also Jason Part 11 from Freddy vs. Jason.

3. Environmental Kill: Harpoongun

Basically there is a harpoon gun lying down somewhere, either in the barn or somewhere close to the water on like a stranded boat or something, and when Jason is close with a Counselor he grabbed, he just I guess kicks them further away (like the throwing axe kill of Part 8), grabs the harpoongun and shoots them in the face.

4. Bots in Private matches

How I came up with this: If you have only one friend to play with and it feels kind of "Boring". Now this one, practically shouldn't be a problem at all, you got AI/Bots, you got a private match where you can invite friends. Now my idea would be adding a "Match Settings" tab/button for the Host where you can set whether the Bots should be activated. Then how many Bots (filling up the empty spaces or a custom amount) and what difficulty.


This would be it so far, I might add a few things if I forget them or edit things that have been fixed by the next update.

Yours faithfully,



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Hey @Coony! Welcome to the forums! :)

While I appreciate your enthusiasm, the suggestions you have made have all been made in other threads, which you can find using the search function at the top of the page. By contributing to existing threads, you give more weight to the ideas that you have presented.

As far as the bugs that you have listed, while not everything is an actual bug, those that are can be reported at www.jasonkillsbugs.com, rather than in the suggestions section. Reporting bugs at that site ensures that they go directly to the attention of the development team.

Finally, as I see this is your first post, make sure to swing by the rules section of the forums and read up on the expectations, and then be sure to post an introduction in the Introduce Yourself section. 

I hope you enjoy your time here,

@NthnButAGoodTime Esquire, DDS, CPA, nWo, TMNT

Edit: As these suggestions have all been discussed in other threads, I have locked this thread to keep the forums clean. 

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