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Mr. Blonde

This Game Has No Counselor Abilities? Why?

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Just now, dmack621 said:

Why does no one understand what "balance" is in an Asymmetrical survival horror? Work as a team, your odds go up. Don't wanna do that? Sucks to be you. The game doesn't need to be tipped to accommodate you.

Even lone wolfing is possible in quick play. I survive a lot lone wolfing when in quickplay. 

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some of these are really interesting but not like all of them works/would not break the game.

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On ‎4‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 9:01 PM, Mr. Blonde said:

I don't understand why? So many other multiplayer games have unique character passives that makes things more interesting and allows individual characters to bring more to the game than just basic stats.

Someone explain why Friday the 13th developers didn't add the same diversity to their characters and why this should not be added in the next patch?


Buggzy - One Man Army - After 30 seconds of Buggzy holding a melee weapon, the next strike will automatically stun Jason with 100% success rate. When Jason is stunned by this effect, the timer will reset back to zero and Buggzy will be able to automatically generate a 100% successful stun again in 30 seconds. (this does not affect the general stun ratio and RNG of how stunning normally works and it does not stack with multiple Buggzy counselors)

AJ - Ghost - AJ cannot be detected by Sense and she is completely immune to it unless she is in full stage of fear.

Deborah - Escape Artist - When in a hiding spot, Deborah's breath can be held to last twice as long.

Vanessa - Professional School Athlete - Vanessa does not trip when jogging or running unless she is in full stage of fear.

Jenny - Final Girl - When Jenny becomes the last counselor alive, the remaining time to survive the night gets reduced by half.

Lachappa - Last Will - Any time that Lachappa's health drops low enough for him to enter the "limping" state, the limping effect will be delayed by 15 seconds.

Chad - Luckster - Empty drawers have a 50% chance to spawn an item when opened by Chad. (excluding pocket knives)

Fox - Rebuilder - Fox can fully repair any broken radios back to brand new.

Adam - Fighter - Adam's weapon cannot break when guarding against Jason's attacks.

Tiffany - Beach Star - Tiffany's swimming does not create any noise pings at all.

Shelly - Quiet As A Mouse - Shelly is completely muted when crouching and cannot make any noises or shriek sounds.

Kenny - Secure Seal - Doors barricaded or locked by Kenny take one extra hit for all Jason's before they break down.

Mitch - Master Disguise - Bear traps placed by Mitch are invisible to the Jason player only.

Victoria - Privileged - Victoria enters and exists any of the passenger seats to a vehicle (cars or boat) 50% faster than all other counselors.

Okay... I think this would be cool because in many beta screenshots, they teased "abilities coming soon." Some of these are useful but others are just terrible. For instance, Mitch's invisible bear traps makes some sense, as he could be high (I mean, who knows with that guy?), but it's kinda pointless. Jenny's is overpowered. Instead, I think she should get something like increased stun chance, because you know how many times Jason gets wrecked by the final girl in these movies. Mitch should do something like get increased stamina recovery after using a med-spray, or even smoke a joint. lol

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