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New to the forums, Hiya!

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Hi people, LemonadeHead here! I just wanted to say hi since I finally made an account on the forums. I’m not new to the game itself though. I play on the console and I’m not COMPLETE trash but I’m not a pro yet either. Just wanted to announce my presence I guess... ^_^

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Welcome to the forums!

Practice makes perfect, but still, so long as you're having fun that's important. I die more often than I escape, but so as I'm at least useful I'm happy :P

If you're interested in finding new players from here, you could start with the general Steam ID and Gamertag thread. Lots of tags from members in there to browse through, and feel free to post your own. There are also some groups around in Player-Run Challenges and General and so on, such as the Good Sportsmanship Club in General, if any of them catch your eye.


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