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Offline Bot AI Improvements

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46 minutes ago, jassdown said:



I know I'm late , but I think it would be great if we could have AI bots fill out the rosters in lets say a private match. In quick play matches probably to hard to do. For instance, I mostly play private match with 4 other friends. We all agree it would be nice to fill in the empty spots with AI counselors. Yes, AI bots are not the best solution but as long as they can cause some sort of distraction for Jason it would be worth it.  I know bots would also cause trouble to human controlled counselors but it would be fun to have them around and bring extra life to the game. Its not really new content or game mode. AI bots are already in place just allow them to be implemented somehow in private matches would make a world of difference.  

Just a thought.



Not bad. As Long as they don´t spawn in with extra items , I would like to have it.

And also I found out that you are Pretty new here , soooooo…….

Welcome to the Forum and don´t Forget to introduce yourself! http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/

We are happy to welcome you!.......Well , atleast most of us!

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2 hours ago, Slasher_Clone said:

I would be interest in the post above mine as well, having bots in the match could be fun.

It isn't new content just distribution of resources.

Especially if they start fully loaded out with their PK, heal spray, and firecrackers. Or you start trying to communicate with a random counselor in the distance with your mic to eventually realize that they're a bot lol

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Love the ideas here and think having bots fill out the roster would be great when it’s a struggle to fill a lobby.... I know steam players would welcome it in a heart beat....

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