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Hello everyone, I've recently put together a series where the counselors come back sometime after the tragic events of the massacre.

The Premise is that of a reality TV show, where they meet and secrets get exposed. So far the feedback from all three episodes have been overwhelmingly positive. Please take the time to watch and CAUTION, there is VULGARITY. So this is not for the faint of heart, the jokes can be crude, and the voices are funny! Please show your support by liking, or commenting to tell me what you think.


Here you are: Friday The 13th: Counselor's ReUnion: Season 1


Script For Episode 1:

Jin: I know it’s been a while since my last video. I’m not very consistent with these things but I create things on my own time haha.


I’d just like to thank you for making room in your schedule to be here.


Jenny(Female): Sure, yeah no problem. It’s very nice to be here, I’m glad some of us are together again. It really brings back memories..


A.J.(Female 3): *long sigh* ugh… this fake bitch, what memories? You mean running for our lives, yeah so joyful. You know, you bout as fake as Tiffany’s….you know what nvm


Tiffany(Chipmunk): oh..oh so you think it’s okay just to air out my dirty laundry like that, trick I trusted you. But I guess that’s why Adam-


A.J.: Say one more word. Do you see me, you see how I’m looking. You better pull out the damn dictionary and choose your next words carefully, and I say choose because I know yo vocabulary is limited these days.


Jenny: A.J….you got me fucked up, down, left, and right. You disrespectful Avril Lavigne wanna-be reject. You still killing crows, and doing witchcraft and shit? You better recognize royalty, I am the final girl - damnit.


A.J.: Final Girl? Have you seen yourself? Do you see what you’re wearing, what you need is a final selection on what to wear, looking like your grandma dressed you, and can we look at these shoes? Bitch what the hell are those?


Jenny: Y’know it’s called having class and not showing out for attention, which you clearly need. Damn I can’t even imagine what adam goes through. You’re probably the whiney type too, yuck!


Adam(Male): You know I wouldn’t be talking, cause I can drag your boyfriend if he wasn’t doing it himself with Kenny. Yeah I heard about those weird fishin’ stories, mmhm.


Tiffany: Oh hell no, what you’re not gonna do...is slander my man’s name like I’m not sitting right here! You got some nerve. Don’t make me spill the tea since we both know we got stories of our own.


A.J.: Oh I wanna hear it, I wanna hear this. Speak now cause you won’t have a tongue later. Don’t fuck with me…..Adam yo ass is in the doghouse tonight.

Episode 2:

Jin: Welcome back, I know yesterday most of you had your personal differences. But it’s nice to have you back. I released the first episode not too long ago. The feedback was relatively positive, but it seems when I posted the video to Reddit it started to immediately become disliked. So I took it down, but that won’t stop me.


A.J.(Female 3): Oh hell no, don’t listen to them. Fuck all of them, I will end them. Jin you’re one of the most creative and kind people I know. A good majority of the people in this community are toxic people who circle jerk themselves into oblivion. Just...don’t fuck with them.


Jenny(Female): For once I can agree with A.J., you don’t deserve that. Honestly, you gave us a platform to voice our own thoughts. You’re giving us a voice and remember that no matter how many people dislike, you have those who still want to watch your content so focus on the people who are here for you right now. And so I just wanna thank you again for initiating this Re-Union.


Tiffany: Yeah, I mean clearly they might be Jealous. You know like how most of the girls are jealous of me. I gotta deal with petty bitches all day, so if you need some tips on how to deal with basic bitches….you know who to come to.


Vanessa: Hahahaha…..that’s cute sis. But tell me, what the hell are bubbles, blossom, and buttercup doing here, looking like the discount powerpuff girls! I heard y’all were talking about Final Girls, and you know I couldn’t just let my name go unnoticed.


A.J.: uh-uhn, I KNOW you ain’t talking. Before you open your mouth you need invest in a new damn hairstyle. Hunny that damn ponytail is hanging for dear life, you probably getting temporary insanity due to that shit squeezing your head so tight, talking to me like that. Don’t get yo azz fucked up.


Fox: See, look at this….everytime I come around there’s always some drama. This is why I don’t fuck with y’all, y’all too damn shady. Vanessa, you said you were only gonna be a minute bitch it’s cold outside what the fuck are you doing, hurry up. Mitch in the car tryna roll up, and you know you got the lighta.


Vanessa: Girl gimme a second, these no-lives over here talking bout “Final Girls’ and shit. AJ can’t even fight, you know she always runnin and hidin, she ain’t bout that life.


Jenny: Well you can catch these hands from me anyday, mmhmm.


Vanessa: I’m sorry? You wanna run that by me again? I know it’s gonna take you a while Ms. 3 speed. So I suggest you drink a tall glass of shut the fuck up.


Jenny: You really think somebody scared of you. All you can do is run, loud noisey ass.


Vanessa: I don’t even know, how people can even THINK of mentioning your name next to mine when talking about the best counselor. We all know you overrated, you know you’re overrated, hell even your boyfriend know you overrated. I can do anything better than you can, so have several seats please. I mean have you even heard your voice actress?


*Clip of Jenny line*


Bitch you sound like you got a frog in your throat, and you’re supposed to be the final girl?


Get the hell outta here.


Fox: Hahahahaaa, yess gather them sis.

Season Finale:

Jin: I’d like to thank you again for meeting here for the last time. I know Tiffany is gone due to laryngitis -


A.J.(Female 3): Good, her voice was annoying as hell anyway, sounding like a damn chipmunk.


Jin: And so are Vanessa and Fox, they didn’t really care for being here. But I’m glad we have some new additions today. It’s nice of you to consider being here Adam and Chad.


Adam(Male): No Problem Jin, it’s a bit nostalgic to be back here.


Chad: ….


Adam: Well, damn you ain’t gone speak?


Chad: Oh please, don’t address me, ...I’ll slap you with my wallet and make money from that


Adam: Ooohh damn….that was close..haha.. almost gave a fuck.


A.J.: Don’t even bother with him, we don’t have the time.


Chad: That’s because I bought it off you. Next.


A.J.: Bitch fuck you...go to hell. It’s a shame your girl is braver than you. What grown man is scared of the dark, I’ll wait.


Chad: You would know about the darkness since you live in it, peasant.


Jenny: Chad, can you please calm down. For once, I’d like to go somewhere without your judgement.


A.J.: Girl why are you even with him how did you two even meet? He’s so damn disrespectful.


Jenny: We met on Twin-sta-book, and I have to be honest. Despite having a 4.0 gpa, I somehow wasn’t able to secure a scholarship yet, and graduation is approaching….so you know, I had to do what I had to do.


Adam: That’s your problem, you need a real man. Why don’t you don’t you come over and we can talk later on?


A.J.: You know what I will, thank babe.


Adam: I was talking to Jenny


A.J.: No you weren’t, you were talking to me, because I know the hell you not trying to cheat on me. I’m a witch, the only way to get out is blood sacrifice.


Adam: Aye, you need to chill,


A.J.: No bitch you need to chill, I’m tired of you slingin’ around that damn community tic-tac. I already got on yo ass once about Tiffany. It’s not a coincidence she’s not here. So watch your mouth.


Chad: Honestly, I don’t know why I’m even here with you low-lives.


Adam: Yo why are you so pressed?


Chad: Cause that’s how like my money, you got anything else you wanna say? I WILL shut this establishment down.


Adam: Oh no, you don’t wanna come for me homeboy. I got some photos that’ll expose your ass real quick.


Chad: Pfft, please. There’s nothing you can do to me, I’m untouchable.


Adam: Oh really, so before I do this. Tell me, are you really out there fishing with Kenny when you go out together?


Chad: What do you think, peasant?


Adam: I think you’re lying. And here’s why…


*Kenny Chad Love Photo*


A.J.: Daaaaaayyyuuuuummmmm, I mean heard rumors but I didn’t think it was true. Looks like he really is touchable... but only for one person.


Jenny: Chad, wtf is this!? What am I looking at, let me have a second get my mind right, cause I know damn well this ain’t what I think it is.


Chad: I-I-I don’t know what this is, clearly it’s photoshop. I mean don’t be so gullible, it’s fake news babe, c’mon now.


Jenny: No, the only thing fake is you. I endured this for too long, I knew those fishing trips were something else. I mean look at this speedo, when we went to Lukewarm topic you told me it was because you wanted me to see more of you. But I see now it wasn’t for me, it was for someone else. We’re done.


Adam: Damn well at least now we can continue with the - - - -


*Message from Kensington Entertainment about show being taken off air.*


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Based on what GuMedia_Ben said, this part of the forums is to talk about the game and the game only. Not creations or anything non-canon related to it (sorry if I sounded rude).

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55 minutes ago, NoOneK9503 said:

Based on what GuMedia_Ben said, this part of the forums is to talk about the game and the game only. Not creations or anything non-canon related to it (sorry if I sounded rude).

Oh okay, I'm relatively new to the Official forums so I wasn't aware, thank you. Hopefully people will still be able to view it in the other section. I worked so hard on this from the script to the voices, to the recordings lol

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4 minutes ago, JinLovesHorrorMovies said:

Oh okay, I'm relatively new to the Official forums so I wasn't aware, thank you. Hopefully people will still be able to view it in the other section. I worked so hard on this from the script to the voices, to the recordings lol

Welcome! And can you shown the script too? English is not my first language.

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7 minutes ago, JinLovesHorrorMovies said:

Alright, is it okay if I post it here?

Yep. No problem!

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