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i dont know if this is a good place for this, or if i should be requesting this kind of stuff....
i am sick of this game, especially QP.
All i really care about is getting 3 badged: escape by boat (30 times), drown a councelor (16 times), and flip the boat (22 times), and i'll have all the possible medals in the game.
Anybody interested doing it in a private match?
You do whatever you need (fix the car, trap jason, call the cops etc), and than I flip the boat and drown you.
I can't do it in QP, everybody always wants small maps with no boat, and if its a big map most people quit and there are only few players.

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Yeah anything regarding the boat is the most difficult for me... I still need like 70 boat escapes.

I know this section is kind of dead, but you might have better luck in the LFG threads here:


Also might help if you mention what platform you use.

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53 minutes ago, JasonWhorehees said:

i'm using PC

Yeah, that's the EXTRA dead part of that section... Never even got to 3 pages lol

Unfortunately, most people here seem to be on ps4. I saw that you already voted, but maybe if you mention this in the poll someone would be willing to help.


I'm on xbox so I can't help, but hopefully someone will.

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This doesn't really belong in the Introduce Yourself! section, but it'd be a shame to lose it so let's try Player-Run Challenges instead. Hopefully you'll get someone interested in helping out.

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