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Why does everybody like packanack so much?

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On 3/12/2018 at 8:04 PM, doitagain said:

I’ve always liked the regular packanack map since release. Packanack Small on the other hand is a pile of garbage. 

From a counselor standpoint it sucks that every cabin gets raided in the first two minutes. And for Jason by the time you get your shift, one or both cars are gonna be moving. I’ve escaped this map so many times in under three minutes because of how easy and close all the item spawns are.


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21 hours ago, AdmiralJT said:

That's the funniest part to me, I constantly hear people asking the host to switch it to Packanack and sometimes they will. But as soon as they see it's a competent Jason who isn't messing around they up and leave.

It's always hilarious when that happens.
"I wanna go to Pakanak small! (so I can have easy access to the spawn zones of the gas, batteries and fuse!)"

[starts up and Jason is just as aware of those locations and is ruining everyone's day]


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