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New Game mode idea - “Lust Lost In The Woods”

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1 hour ago, doitagain said:

Just the title alone made me cringe.

So change the title add different ideas instead of being negative 😉

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21 hours ago, jistsomeguy said:

seems like itd be frustrating to lack the abilities like that. i like the idea tho so i suggest giving the counselors a "take cover" button like many other games maybe the crouch button. so if youre hid against the other side of a rock or tree you might not be sensed.

Yes but in the suggested idea Jason holds all the cards, so you have to give the counsellors some sort of chance particularly when the counsellors aren't coordinated and don't know where they are exactly. Yes I do think hiding behind a big rock as an example would be a good way of not being sensed. How I would like to understand Jason's sense is like Sonar on a ship or in nature the sound waves bouncing off a moth to a bat's ears. Surely a big physical object would stop or at least make it harder for Jason to register the noise.

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