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Should I buy this game?

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I have seen gameplay of it and it looks awesome but it looks like one of the games I will waste money that I don't have on. Can anyone give me some suggestions?

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Welcome to the forums!

Well, most basic thing of course is just making sure you can afford to get it without putting anything else in jeopardy. Not sure the current price for the game, shop around and get options, but there's been about five pieces of paid DLC at the moment adding up to around $10. An emote pack, Halloween outfits, Spring Break '84 outfits and three additional weapon kills each for Jason 4 and Jason 7. So cost-wise, bear both of those things in mind.

The other thing is simply that, personal opinion here, I think it benefits from being a social game. If you don't like talking on the mic, you can still have some enjoyment, but it's good to have a lobby with people talking and discussing things. I myself always play Private Matches; Quick Play is popular with a chunk of people, but it's too random for my liking and your chances of bumping into trolls and unhelpful people is greater. So getting together with some sociable players makes for a better experience.

Towards that end, I don't know what format you'd be playing on but there are groups and team you can look for. The Xbox One version has a Looking For Groups feature, for instance.
We also have a general Steam ID and Gamertag thread here with lots of tags and often some little descriptions too, which could be a handy place to look.


There are also groups in these forums, such as the Good Sportsmanship Club, which could offer you some quality players to learn the game with and have fun together.

Don't have to jump until you're ready, and there's certainly a lot of footage out there on YouTube and Twitch if you want to see people playing more.

I hope some of this helps :)

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In my Personal opinion its just depends on what u really like in a game, if like me you like in depth story based titles for hours of adventure and character building then this is not the game for you.

That being said if u have online friends to play with/against and enjoy a simple based 'pick up n play' game it can be a fun experience and to be honest its peanuts on the store most of the time so you'll be sure to get your moneys worth.


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