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new ways to kill jason

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jason specific deaths- i tried to think of these without new maps in mind, so some maps may need a scene added here and there. but continuity isnt out strong suit lol

jason 2: players call the cops and npc deputy winslow shows up defending 1 player w gun that stuns jason. he then calls backup and all players may escape random exit like a normal cop call. but if jason kills the cop, then 2 players: one male w machete and one female w sweater barracaded in jasons cabin can kill him via cutscene.

jason 3: npc ali needs a health spray in the barn, alert to jason. if they can hang him from the second floor (move that dayum haystack) a player w a machete can kill him.

jason 4: find npc rob campin in the woods, he makes a b line for the big house and is bright on jasons radar and is good for xp. a male player must use kid jarvis makeup table to become kid jason. a female player must get attacked in the front room then the made up kid jason can trigger killing cutscene.

jason 5: female player gotta find npc reggie, several  tractor parts (like the car) and run him over to trigger cutscene kill. (cause that woulda killed that dipshit lol)

jason 6: tommys gotta find the chain and loudly, painstakingly roll a rock to that boat whe jason attacks him out there make some kinda qte in tommys favor for cutscene kill.

jason 7: find a tent stake to trigger cutscene doctor jerkwad to piss off npc tina (carrie) who becomes the only thing jason can sense until he kills her. a player must then find an escort her to the lake dock before they both die. a couple psychic environmental defenses can be employed such as power lines in puddles. but if all 3 are in the lake at the same time tinas dad comes up from the dead an takes jason w him.

jason 8: theres a toxic waste barrel in a shed you knock him over into er somethin? i dunno that one sucked.

jason 9: the call summons  bounty hunter creighton duke who quietly runs around the map lookin for the magic knife, if he finds it a male can distract jason by getting grabbed a female can kill him if she got it from duke.

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