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18 hours ago, PurpleFloyd said:

Huge X-Men fan here as well..!!  Do you collect the comics?  I did until recently when I ditched them because Marvel are forever rebooting and restarting the title, which annoys the hell out of me.

Its super hard to get copies of comics here where I live so only digital :/ 

But yea I agree, so I got into DC more recently and Im LOVING IT. X MEN still in m heart tho!

18 hours ago, NoOneK9503 said:

@deathbat96777@JF13, @a kamikaze man@Moe9999633, @Psylocker102 Do you guys want to show your faces? I showed mine now!

here ya go


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I'm unable to post pics on the site anymore.Reached my memory limit,plus i really didn't want to.

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