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Offer more points to Tommy's "Sacrifice Bonus"

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So I still see a lot of frustrating or selfish things about Tommy:

(In order from most common to least common)

Tommy escapes alone in 4 seater when there's 4 others alive.

Tommy attempts a solo boat escape but dies.

Tommy doesn't heal a limping counselor in front of him(especially repair characters)

Tommy keeping his knife despite not really needing it.(Unless killing Jason or he's the only repair guy alive)


He's meant to be a hero, providing actual team value. 


My idea was to ads +200 for his bonus. Make people actually not care as dying.


Is this a good idea, bad idea? Let me know.

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Just now, VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow said:

It would encourage people to suicide as Tommy to get more points.

You don't get points for suiciding, the notes that added this even stated this. I think it's the 10.25.17 patch notes. Or the one that added fox atleast 

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