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Can somethng be added to pass along host status to another player in the lobby? Maybe I'm only one of a few here, but getting my time wasted in a match is very annoying. I get people don't want to sit through a whole match spectating or rage quit when murdered within the first minute or two. 

If the host is Jason, match ends and everyone gets some experience. If the host is a counselor, nothing. Now, the problem if that changed is people can start abusing it to get quick XP without finishing a match most likely.

I'm not trying to be ignorant of the complexities of such an implementation as it's probably a big deal to accomplish.

There's some nitpicks I have with the game but this one in particular causes me to stop playing due to aggravation.

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They are overhauling the game engine, aiming to finish this sometime in April, and then implement dedicated servers. Which will indeed allow a handover of hosts and let a game to continue, rather than it just finishing when a host leaves.

You can read the current word about it here. I have to close this topic up as a duplicate, I'm afraid, because this one does come up a lot.
But have a look at the link when you can and I hope it puts you in the picture.



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