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Will all weak male counselors have 3 strength?

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14 minutes ago, Armaniđź‘‘ said:

Why are you in this thread ? I know Shavar didn't contact the Devs based on his tweets and the leaked content.


Contrary to what you believe, I don't respond to you because I am angry. There are just some times I like poking at you to see what your response will be, and what stupid gif you will throw in next. You think you have your finger on the pulse of the game, but, it just looks like you are delusional. I know of several people who initially liked your idea, but have stepped back because you just can't seem to have a conversation without bringing Reggie up. What is your fascination with a 14 year-old character in a movie that was made 33 years ago, that is mostly despised by the Friday the 13th community? It just doesn't seem healthy man.

I don't hate Friday Part V, and I have no problem with Reggie. I've stated before that I see no point in him being added in the game, but, if he is, I don't really have a problem with it.

And as far as your "Why are you in this thread?" question...You made a public post on a public forum. Am I not allowed to voice my opinion?

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As this thread is basically a continuation of the Reggie thread already in progress, please feel free to continue the conversation over there.


I will review the exchanges here, and, if it is warranted, will look at merging this thread to that one.

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