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BonafideChrisP Checkin in!!

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Hey everyone, my name is Chris and I am from the United States, in middle of the mitten (Michigan).

I am a digital artist and game designer. I am always interested in new games and exploring what makes them good and what could even make them better.  So I just thought I would join the forums to get all the cool updates on one of my favorite online multiplayer games, and maybe give some positive opinions/critique about the game in the process.

Ya know...because I'm a gamer who cares. 


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Welcome to the forums!

Thanks for coming along. Always good when we get people that do care. Negative is as valuable as positive when it's well reasoned and explained. And I'm glad you are enjoying the game :)

If you do want to try to find some new players from here, a good beginning is usually the general Steam ID and Gamertag thread. Lots of there in there so worth a browse, and feel free to post your own tag as well. There are also some groups around if you like the sound of any of them, like the Good Sportsmanship Club in General forum.



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Thanks for welcoming me, Damon. I'm looking forward to being a part of the community and helping make the game the best possible experience. I will definitely check out this thread as well. Hope to see you around the forums! Cheers!

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