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Liquid Swordsman

Outro Songs after Killing Jason

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I was thinking, besides implementing new songs onto the radio, another neat idea to showcase those cool tunes from the 80s is to cue the music after Tommy kills Jason. Not only it will be a cool way to publicize the songs more, but it'll give the multiplayer a nice uplifting movie feel, especially in cases where you may find yourself and another player go through such an intense journey trying to pull off the kill.

During the end result, I always imagine tracks like "Darkest Side Of The Night" from Jason Takes Mahattan playing in the background lol. :P A final girl teaming with Tommy is a nice throwback to the final act, but I think the thought of hearing those credit songs would make it feel more complete. 

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8 hours ago, MyersVoorhees said:

No, when Jason is killed Crispin Glover should pop up and dance as Love Is A Lie plays.

Then once the music stops, you can hear Jimmy ask "Hey, how come you turned that off?" lol.

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