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How aboud different cars on each map?
Higgins - The yellow VW beatle (2 seater), and the Van (6 people).
Packanack - red VW beatle (2 seater) and the black jeep.

And how about chainging the wheel when the car wrecks?
It could be a fun mini-game, or if one of the cars doesnt have a wheel and you have to change it befor starting it?
Councelors should get injured or even die when you crash the car at full speed into a tree or wall.
Jason could also have the possibility of pushing the car down the hill, killing or injuring all the passengers.
Driving the car in the rain should also be harder (slippery road) the wheel could also get stuck in mud during the rain, you could get one of the councelors tu push it.

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I'd like to see Jason rip the battery out and fling it over his head so that it'd have to be reinstalled. 

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I'd want the cars from the corresponding films in the maps they belong in.

  1. Crystal Lake - Pamela's Jeep CJ-5 as a 2 seater
  2. Packanack - Ginny's Red 1971 Volkswagen Convertible as a 2 seater
  3. Higgins Haven - Chris' 1979 Dodge Tradesman as a 4 seater and Rick's 1963 Volkswagen De Luxe Sedan as a 2 seater.
  4. Jarvis House - 1973 Chevrolet Caprice Estate as a 4 seater (used by the partying teens) and Trish's 1970 Dodge Polara as a 2 seater
  5. Pinehurst - Pam's 1964 Ford F-100 as a 2 seater

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