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What if they did a two player mode, which would be an inverted take on single player challenges? Rather than Hitman style gameplay as Jason, you instead would be playing as the counselors involved in the scenario. This would give you the options of having different ways to counter Jason and attempt to survive, and would also be a good compromise for all of those who want new ways to kill Jason. This would require a lot of work, but it would be a good way for you to play with close friends and to also live out roleplay scenarios with your favorite counselors. Imagine doing the challenge from the single player trailer, only you control Bugzy and someone else controls Adam. This would allow you to attempt to thwart Jason and survive. One example would be triggering a quickplay animation whenever Jason goes to drop the car on your head, moving out of the way just in time. You could then do something like, say, hit Jason with a wrench and knock him unconscious. Then there would be multiple scenarios where you either get killed, or keep fighting.



Bugzy Challenges-

  • The Low Blow- Counter Jason by kicking him in the groin and avoiding his tree limb kill after going to pee
  • Just Hold It- Successfully repair the car with Adam without going to take a leak
  • Slugger- Hold off on peeing, but allow Jason to kill Adam. Then, assault Jason with a bat and knock him down.
  • Winning Participant- While running away from Jason, find a hiding spot without getting killed
  • Ready Or Not, Here I Come!- Get killed by Jason in a hiding spot
  • Cut It Out, That's Not Funny!- While attempting to run into a cabin, get killed by Jason using the harpoon gun
  • Bullseye- Get killed by Jason with arrows
  • Partners in Crime- Escape with Adam alive in the car
  • Bugzy's A Dick- Escape with Adam dead in the car
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17 minutes ago, deathbat96777 said:

Ahem *cough cough*

I think we need to see how single player goes before we get too far into other modes. Just my opinion.

I do like your idea though, sounds like fun to me.

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I've been stating for a long time that i wanted to see a 2 player co-op counselor mode offline,but in return different people gave me abusive attitudes about it.I'm glad i'm not the only one who would like to see some offline multiplayer in this game.

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