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Time for a little praise...

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I’ve sat back and done a little reminiscing this week. And i just wanted to actually say thank you to the makers of this game. Yes yes yes i know. They’ve screwed up a lot. Savinigate 1.0 and 2.0 and 3.0 and... missed dates, neutering Jason, numerous glitches and bugs, etc. But a $40 game, that has given me sooooo much fun and good times. It was my most played game on my PS4 last year according to Sony.

In that time, they’ve given us 2 brand new maps and 3 modified maps, bringing us to 8 we can play on. They’ve added two brand new Jason’s as well as an NES makeover. We got new counselors including the iconic Foxy and Shelly! We got rain and lightning! We got Jarvis tapes added. We got single player bots and virtual cabin 2.0. We’ve gotten new kills and environmental kills and clothes. And this was all free! Add in the fact they added costumes, kill packs, and emotes you can purchase if you want, upped the level cap to 150 while adding new kills higher up to unlock.

We’ve seen Paranoia mode getting worked on. We’ve seen the teases for an upcoming Jason X and Grendel map. They are currently working on upgraded graphics engine and in turn dedicated servers. We’ve now gotten our first glimpse at the single player challenges mode which should come at us at the same time as the upgraded engine. Which looks like insane fun by the way and makes it officially playing a Jason flick (especially if we get our sex drugs and rock and roll! lol). We’ve had double XP, extra CP and extra tape events. We’ve had some good bug and glitch fixes during this time too (the dreaded fuse buried in the ground comes to mind!)... and I’m guessing even more and more to come!

The makers get a ton of flak, and yes some deserved. But honestly they deserve some praise and thanks too! We are playing as Jason F’N Voorhees!! Or running from him! lol. Kills are brutal. The atmosphere is awesome! Yes not everything has “clicked.” But a lot has... and if you think about it, we’ve gotten a lot of new stuff added, most of which is free! And we see evidence of cool new shit on the horizon!

So in the end, i think we all need to be a little more honest with ourselves and realize we are playing a game we’ve always wanted. They have added quite a bit more for us complaining maniacs. And the shit they REPEATEDLY take from the community must suck. So it’s time I offer up a thank you not only for the game, but for all the extra stuff you have given us and still have coming! Thanks!!! Now get the new !#%?*\ done as I want it now!! lol


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Seeing things like this reminds me of my faith in the developing team as well as the community.


Thanks for all the hard work devs keep it up guys! When we complain we just want to make this game better, but at the same time we need to remember and give you guys some love for all you've done right for us :)

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I really do appreciate what the Dev's have brought us.

I'm glad this game I dreamed of finally exists, it didn't HAVE to

be about F13 but I'm glad it was. Has really nice visuals, Jason and Counselor models too.

Dlc clothes for counselors always on point reason why I'm playing f13 really forever more lol.

No matter what a lot of other people say the game works REALLY great for me, for my pc and

there are really no bugs at all for my playthrough's so I'm VERY blessed. No matter what the community

says, I can back them up on some if I feel it's fair. When it's nit-picky and has to do with "what would Jason do"

type add-ons people complain about I have to smh and ignore them and think they are being moronic. Cause me and certain

people know you guys can't fit EVERY detail of F13 in the game. It's FUN to me at the end of the day. Also I watched a video recently

about Developers doing video game crunching by GamerMD83 her title is just that. I feel people should watch it and understand

how much stress it takes on Dev's to always be up and probably never home half the time to their families for half the team.

I can tell they want to do good by the game, people have to know they are slowly building a staff but I still believe the team is still

small. We won't get everything all at once. I feel they shouldn't drop any release dates and should show it when its time. They surprised us

a few times without letting us know a thing I believe. Anyways I still support the game and will continue too. My crossed over Dbd friends keep

saying this game will die, I had to secretly delete them and gain new friends who play F13 on the regular. They weren't close to me just to add.

Again thank you, I enjoy the game as of now then ever. <3 

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