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Looking to Join Private Matches (Befriending Regulars)

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Hi, I'm slowly getting back to playing F13 more, and most of my friends list has no one on and has no one playing this game.

An I had a long friends list from launch from posting a post like this before. I'm looking for new friends to play private with

on the regular, mainly late at nights in my time like right now since I work a lot through the weekdays and off on the weekends.

I would like to be apart of a group that does mic all the way and people that actually communicate and pull things off as a team.

An not stay silent just cause. My username is Tyler_Love, feel free to add me. An anyone else is good to post here looking for new people

to play with as well. 

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On 8/12/2017 at 4:08 AM, Tattooey said:


I wanted to share an idea to see if people would get behind it. I want to start a club exclusively for the members of this forums & non members. However there will be slight differences in the type of players allowed to join.

1. First off to allow the members to network & quickly get into games with various other players.

2. Second is the difference between other clubs. This club will be by invitation only. This will allow us to only invite players that meet certain criteria.

A. No member will cheat, glitch, mod, hack, or exploit ever or they will be removed from the group & reported if caught.

B. All members are mature gamers who conduct themselves respectfully. Minor trash talk is okay but excessive raging will not be permitted.

C. Members will not rage quit from a match. The members will also conduct themselves professionally during matches.

The purpose of this club will exist to make meeting new players & good fair gamers easier. Finding good games with mature players will become inevitably much quicker & resulted in better quality of matches. I have a lot of friends who are great players & a blast to play with unfortunately they are not members of this forum but their ideas on how to play fairly are mutual with the people in this community. I'm sure as well that the members of this forum also have friends who are not so different. Almost every private match I play in everyone in session is a friend or a mutual friend. Very rarely do I deal with toxic players.

I hope that you guys understand what I'm trying to achieve & hopefully we can get a lot of us on board to kickstart this thing. Maybe PlayStation can also create the same thing. The goal is for the players who don't have anyone to play with can use the group to find well trusted gamers who will welcome them rather then teamkill. I often at times don't have many people online or most are already in full games.

Hey, if you're looking for some buddies to game with. Here you go, check it out. If this sounds like your idea of a good time, then hit up the appropriate head of the platform you're looking for. It's always good times on ps4 group I'm in!

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