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Wonderfully God-awful Horror

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I think that any fan of horror, at least if you're like me, has a habit of subjecting themselves to terrible, terrible movies.

Like movies that had their props and costumes dug out of the dumpster behind Dollar General after Halloween and just before the casting director threw darts at a handful of Wal-Mart employees smoking off to the side the garden center.

Of course these actors are just there to highlight the main, Canadian import. 

These are movies that are not even on par with the Goosebumps television series. 

But, I love them. For all their faults and downright awfulness, I love them. 

2 recent films:

Darkwalker - This was a Swamp Thing meets Jason (Part 7) monster/slasher flick that was every kind of terrible. 

Child of Satan - A soap opera. A film that had reached a 10 as far as cheesiness until they brought in Eric Roberts and turned it up to 11. The Lance Henricksen of movies you never want to publicly admit you've seen. 

So, what atrocities have you seen lately?

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