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List of Kills and Their Labels

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I finally got around to making this list of kills and their labels as they appear in the player list at the end of the round.

Whenever I play Jason, I've always wanted to ensure everyone gets a unique death scene. This, unfortunately, doesn't always mean that the player list at the end of the round also consists of 8 different kills. There are several labels, which are shared by multiple kills. I find the problem too common and very annoying, so I made a checklist list of all the overlapping kills for everyone else with the same problem. The list is at the end of this post. I've also included a full list of kills and their respective labels for anyone who's interested in them. Every kill and their label have been verified in-game before they were added to the list. 
(I don't have Savini, so his kills aren't included. If you wish to help, feel free to post the names of the kills exactly as they appear on his character screen, as well as the labels from the in-game player list.)

List of all kills:
(Labels in italic, every non-unique label bolded)

  • Slashing, traps and knives   Murdered

Grab Kills

  •     Back Breaker                Shattered
  •     Bear Hug                       Hugged to Death
  •     Body Slam                    Crunched
  •     Head Rip                       Snapped
  •     Choke                            Asphyxiated
  •     Eye Gouge                    Gouged
  •     Head Crush                  Crushed
  •     Head Punch                 Decapitated
  •     Head Squeeze             Squeezed
  •     Head Stomp                Stomped
  •     Heart Punch                Brutalized
  •     Jaw Rip                        Jaw Ripped
  •     Knee Snap                   Snapped
  •     Neck Twist                  Cracked
  •     Two Handed Choke   Asphyxiated
  •     Free Kick                      Kicked
  •     Disarm                         Unarmed
  •     Rugby Player               Bashed

Part 2

  •     Canopener                  Decapitated
  •     Throat Hack                Hacked
  •     Headbutt                     Hacked
  •     Curb Stomp                Stomped
  •     Top Popper                 Decapitated
  •     Leg Sweep                  Crippled

Part 3    

  •     Crotch Chop               Neutered
  •     Head Chop                 Chopped
  •     Stunner                       Chopped

Part 4

  •     Chop Suey                  Split
  •     The Jarvis                   Hacked
  •     Up and Under             Chopped
  •     Throat Slit                   Throat Slit
  •     Knee Capper               Taken Down
  •     Slammed and Split    Split

Part 5

  •     Hedge Trimmer          Trimmed
  •     Last Breath                 Skewered
  •     You're so Vein            Slit

Part 6

  •     Knock Down               Speared
  •     Spear Impale              Impaled
  •     Shishkebab                 Shishkebabed

Part 7

  •     Eviscerate                   Eviscerated
  •     Dismember                 Dismembered
  •     Matchete Stab           Stabbed
  •     The Fish Gutter          Gutted
  •     Candy Dispenser       Opened
  •     The Pamela                Decapitated

Part 8

  •     Doubletap                   Hacked
  •     Chin Strike                  Jaw Ripped
  •     Fireaxe Throw            Backstabbed

Part 9

  •     How to Peel A Coconut     Split Open
  •     Chest Stab Head Chop      Chopped
  •     Decapitate                           Decapitated


Context Kills    

  •     Bench                         Folded
  •     Birdbath                     Bird Brained
  •     Campfire                    Cooked
  •     Door                            Smashed
  •     Drowned                     Drowned
  •     Graveyard Fence       Impaled
  •     Fireplace                    Cooked
  •     Hang: Clothes Rack  Hung
  •     Hang: Tree Branch    Hung
  •     Head Slam*               Slammed
  •     Hiding Spot: Bed       Seek and Destroyed
  •     Hiding Spot: Closet   Seek and Destroyed
  •     Hiding Spot: Tent      Sleeping Bagged
  •     Knife: Stabbed           Ventilated
  •     Knife: Throat Slit       Cut Open
  •     Radio                           Death By Stereo
  •     Screwdriver                Screwed
  •     Stove                           Boiled
  •     Toilet                           Swirled
  •     Tree Stump                Crunched
  •     Tree Disarm               Pruned
  •     Wall: Back Breaker    Cracked
  •     Wall: Head Punch     Brutalized
  •     Wall: Head Squeeze  Smashed
  •     Wall: Head Slam**    Smashed
  •     Well Pump                  Pumped
  •     Window                       Tossed

    *(Furniture, rocks, gravestones and other edges)
    **(Jason slams the counselor's head in the wall 3 times)

Checklist for labels that can recur in the same match:
(white for non-weapon grab kills, blue for Jason specific kills and green for context kills)

  • Asphyxiated                Choke, Two Handed Choke
  • Brutalized                    Heart Punch, Wall: Head Punch
  • Chopped                      Head Chop, Stunner   ( Part 3 )
  • Cooked                        Campfire, Fireplace
  • Cracked                       Neck Twist, Wall: Back Breaker
  • Crunched                     Body Slam, Tree Stump
  • Decapitated                Canopener, Decapitate, Head Punch, The Pamela, Top Popper   ( Parts 2, 7, 9 )
  • Hacked                        Headbutt, Throat Hack   ( Part 2 )
  • Hung                            Clothes Rack, Tree Branch
  • Impaled                        Graveyard Fence, Spear Impale   ( Part 6 )
  • Jaw Ripped                 Chin Strike, Jaw Rip   ( Part 8 )
  • Seek and Destroyed   Bed, Closet
  • Smashed                     Door, Wall: Head Squeeze, Wall: Head Slam    
  • Snapped                      Head Rip, Knee Snap
  • Split                              Chop Suey, Slammed and Split   ( Part 4 )
  • Stomped                      Head StompCurb Stomp   ( Part 2 )


And finally, this topic isn't about PhD for Murder. The achievement can be discussed here: 

Edited by D00las
Includes Part 2 DLC
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