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The next patch: Focus on Exploits and Glitches only!

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@Gertz @[IllFonic]Courier @GunMedia_Ben

Yes, yes, yes....I know, dedicated servers. That should be first. And obviously some new content goes along with all updates, but that's a given. Oh and the bots, but that's it!!! 

If SP Challenges (or any other modes) have to be put on hold for some time longer, so be it (even though I can't wait for them).

We can close the book on balance. Let's ride with what we have now and revisit it later. 

It's time to cut the shit!!!....and not cut the cheese. All the major exploits and glitches have to go over anything else.

  • No more chain-stunning Jason
  • No more of Jason taking damage when he's stunned
  • Put the car back the way it was until there's certainty on how to fix its other issues (that'll probably fix the rubber banding)
  • No more aim-sliding
  • No more various "infinite" states that Jason and the counselors can glitch into
  • Jason 7 gets 5 traps (oops how did that get in there?) 
  • Fix what ever prevents a stun on Jason during a Jason kill. And in the meantime, if it's something like terrain causing it, let us know where it can be done with success until the fix. And that would apply for any other similar issue.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Let's get down to brass tacks; they're the most important issues facing multiplayer. 

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Adding to that, Jason can still get stuck in the glitch where he is unable to slash or interact and he still gets that weird glitch after you drown a counselor where his body turns differently, and keeps you from combat stancing to break doors because your swings get stuck in the door nearly every time. Both require you being stunned to be fixed.

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23 minutes ago, lightningbolt said:

Some of those suggestions sound more like buffs to Jason than they do any actual fixes to legitimate glitches or exploits.

Those are the ones that I remember. I tried to think of as much counselor problems as I could.

Anything that is a broken mechanic should be fixed whether it buffs Jason or a counselor.

Please list all the bugs hurting counselor play. They all gotta go.

EDIT: Now that I re-read it, I listed 4 that favor Jason and 3 that favor counselors. Not bad. Always room for more.

The Jason 7 one was a joke btw.

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The window bubble! You forgot about the window bubble!

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YES! I am satisfied with the current balance. They need to focus more on fixing bugs and exploits.

Fix window bubble

Un-link melee from triggering the window break animation. Only the "action button" should trigger it. Let melee vs windows act like at launch.

Fix slide/teleport.

Fix superspeed.

Fix macros.

Fix roof glitching on pinehurst.

Fix inaccessible hiding spots.

Fix delay before attack after blocking(it's still present).

Fix Jason perma-block where he becomes unstunnable.

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