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First I'll start with Bots. I played two rounds tonight during my stream the first bots I played with weren't as smart, Tommy was still high playing with doors and the hippy was huffing gas.


The second play with bots I did a different map, Tommy got smart, somewhat. 


Now to online, I played a round as Jason, I'm a bit rusty (I'm not the best Jason player but I think I'm at least good) I had a dancing Kenny most of the round taunting me however I got all 6 out of 6


Then the last match I was a camper and the match started out with some Chads (They were funny, kept doing a Hank hill voice) They kept Jason down pretty much a lot of the match but like a good Jason he killed the Chad and then everyone started dying. 


I think this update has given some fun to the game again. It was fun and I did get spooked a few times. Host is still an issue and we still have some kids but I found myself having a good time tonight. Hopefully you all are enjoying the update like I am!

Also I had this happen to me last night as I died. Enjoy!



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