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Screenshots of Small Maps, Jarvis House, and Pinehurst Variations (from Jason's perspective)

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Update to thread 1 Feb 2018: Pinehurst added.

I took screenshots of each variation offline. They certainly are not as flashy and informative as Geekboxing's images (shown here: https://imgur.com/gallery/XzfIF), however I believe that they can still be of some use. Key information such as generator spawns and the phone box location will tell you exactly which version you are on. Knowing which variant is currently being played will also let you know exactly where Jason's shack is. Just be aware that generator spawns may overlap, like it does with Variants B and D on Crystal Lake Small. Just look for the phone box at one spot to know for certain.

I did not focus on vehicle spawns because they are procedurally generated every game. They do have fixed locations, of course. 

Find a map for certainty.

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good looks @BomberBuddy!

So useful to be able to pull up your phone while you're running blindly in a direction so you can at least make an educated guess about what your counselor should be doing!

Thanks dude!

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