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How about the Commodore 64 Jason

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We have the Retro NES Jason so why not the Retro Commodore 64 Jason?

They could give him black trousers, black shirt and black hair like the game. Maybe even give him a black mask. Yes he doesn't look anything like Jason, but can you fault a very old computer game?

Here are some of the things he did in that game.


+Stalk. He impersonate himself as a counselor.

+Stun Resistance. Jason can trade hits with you and recovers fast.

+Destruction. He had no problems walking into rooms.


-Can't Run. You can chase him down easily in the game as he moves slower then you.

-Defense. He has low HP's and didn't block in the game. Pretty easy to kill.

-Throwing Knives. He didn't throw stuff at you in the game. So this Jason will start with zero and he has to go find them.

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I'm sorry, but as bad as the NES version was, this one was much worse. I had (still have) a C64, and this game was terrible, and I can't see any reason to include this version of Jason. Of course, this is only my recollection of it. I haven't played the game in decades.

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