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Horror-Film Influenced Bands

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Side Project of Shai Hulud, The Risk Taken and Shallow Water Grave. they have two records. this one here (and this is the full record... yep 11min. and another one called TALES TOLD BY DEAD MEN which is a split with SEND MORE PARAMEDICS.


song titles include "MORTI VIVENTI" (which should light a spark in every fan of 70s european zombie movies, Laura Gemser and sleazy exploitation flicks), 


ZOMBI, who might not thematically be influenced by Horror movies, they are an Instrumental band even, but their name and sound are clearly a mix of Fulcis European Zombie wave and the soundtrack of Dawn of the Dead and Carpenter as well.


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Manson obviously, and the Knot. but.. my question or... disappointment rather, is how SOFT Ari's music sounds. I'm sorry that ish sounds weak son. You would've thought it would be hard like Otep or something. Some death metal...something...lol. It was sweet.

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