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New way to kill Jason

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From part 9 their was a dagger that could kill Jason that I think would be a great thing to implement into the game along with lore friendly steps to get it

jessica Kimble a new hero(randomly chooses tommy or Jessica)

the dagger

a new end cutscene

a new way to kill Jason

now here are the steps if this dlc was to occur

call Jessica

get Pamelas sweater

get the dagger from a glass case the takes a lot of damage to break

stun Jason with Pamela’s sweater and hit him with the dagger while he’s on his knees go behind him as Jessica with the dagger and interact with Jason. At this point it will feature a cutscene showing Jason getting dragged to hell

50/50 chance Jessica will spawn

you only have 3 hits with the dagger until it breaks

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