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For those who think just getting sweater and having Jason bow to be killed is too easy - an idea

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After reading these threads:



I had an idea for something extra to get the sweater to work:

How about a news article that must be found with an interview of Ginny from Friday The 13th Part 2?

As I wrote in the second thread it would seem to fill in a blank of what happened to her and would add

a method of the female councilors in the game knowing how to use the sweater instead of just putting it

on suddenly and Jason bows down to be killed by Tommy Jarvis.  It makes Jason harder to kill and adds

another thing that must be found.


Thoughts on this idea?


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With the sweater being so unreliable, it doesn’t need to be any more tedious. I personally think that any player with the machete should be able to kill Jason after the sweater is used and he is stunned. After yet another chickenshit Tommy escaped and left me and another girl, we took off Jason’s mask while I had the sweater and I believe we should have been able to kill him then and there. 

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Well once they work out the sweater bugs I think this would add an extra layer of game activity.   I mean it's true why would a chick counselor wear that ratty tatty old sweater?

There is no reason behind doing so unless they have knowledge that it will have the effect it does.

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