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Challenges for Offline Bots

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22 hours ago, Mr. HK 92 said:

4) Pile up: Kill every (or as many as possible) counselor on same environmental kill spot. I once threw 6 counselors through same window on Packanak Small.

image?url=MSVnmBUo_fHjbLYMjAEUQ9p3KJ8facI'm pretty sure @bewareofbears has done #1 and maybe #2. I'm not sure that #2 is possible though, so maybe not.

Edit: for the record I also killed Tommy with that door, but I couldn't get the screenshot in time...

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@Mr. HK 92 @Truth

Yep, I've done #1 and #2.

I haven't killed everyone before Shift. As Part 4, my best time is 2:40- I think. Part 4 gains Shift around the 2:15- again, I think. Do -Shift Jasons gain Shift later? If so, it's probably doable. I don't see myself ever managing it with Part 4.

#3 is doable. It's more of a chore than a challenge though.

#4 would be fun and #5 is probably something we've all done before without noticing.

#6- I've done Final Girl & Boy challenges where I reversed film endings but I don't have much interest in recreations myself.

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11 hours ago, Thatguyinktown said:

@Alkavian @bewareofbears

Cause ALL counselors to be limping before killing any of them. This gets difficult if they suicide on you before you get all of them appropriately slashed.

I wonder if it's possible- probably is. I think it would be difficult to gauge if the bots are all limping at the exact point in time. I usually pass on anything where it's either vague or I can't definitively say I did something.

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Here is my challenge

Camping with Jason.

Find a camping ground, use as many chair kills that is there, then use the campfire kill. After that, kill everyone else in the same camping ground.

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It's about time we got some challenges for the offline single player challenges. One idea I've had for a while is "film accurate deaths". Basically when you play a challenge, try to recreate the death scenarios as close to the movie as possible. For starters here's my attempt at that on challenge #2 (read video description for details) :


it can also be fun to collaborate on what deaths are the most film accurate. Next challenge I'm looking at is #4. What I'm planning so far: Tiffany of course gets the harpoon kill. For Shelly I wanted to do the butcher knife throat cut. Found a butcher knife in two cabins on the north side of the map, but neither had the right animation. Instead I may have to settle on the pig splitter throat slit. For Kenny I wanted to perform "eviseration", but since the pigsplitter will have to be equipped the next best thing is "slammed and split". AJ's movie counterpart gets stabbed with a knife while sitting and reading, so maybe the knife kill on her, or maybe the lawn chair environmental kill. What do you guys think?


So I tried my idea for Challenge #4, but some improvements can be made.

Instead of the pig splitter throat slit for Shelly, I could do the Candy Dispenser machete kill, which would allow me to also perform an evisceration on Kenny. On AJ a butcher knife kill would also be better. Since the only butcher knives are on the North side of the map, I'm thinking of how to get her over there without having to grab her a dozen times. I'm thinking wait for her to look for Kenny in the room downstairs, then block the doorway so she'll be forced to climb out the window and onto a previously placed trap. Anyone want to try that go on ahead, I'm looking at some of the other challenges right now.

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