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Challenges for Offline Bots

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22 hours ago, Mr. HK 92 said:

4) Pile up: Kill every (or as many as possible) counselor on same environmental kill spot. I once threw 6 counselors through same window on Packanak Small.

image?url=MSVnmBUo_fHjbLYMjAEUQ9p3KJ8facI'm pretty sure @bewareofbears has done #1 and maybe #2. I'm not sure that #2 is possible though, so maybe not.

Edit: for the record I also killed Tommy with that door, but I couldn't get the screenshot in time...

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@Mr. HK 92 @Truth

Yep, I've done #1 and #2.

I haven't killed everyone before Shift. As Part 4, my best time is 2:40- I think. Part 4 gains Shift around the 2:15- again, I think. Do -Shift Jasons gain Shift later? If so, it's probably doable. I don't see myself ever managing it with Part 4.

#3 is doable. It's more of a chore than a challenge though.

#4 would be fun and #5 is probably something we've all done before without noticing.

#6- I've done Final Girl & Boy challenges where I reversed film endings but I don't have much interest in recreations myself.

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11 hours ago, Thatguyinktown said:

@Alkavian @bewareofbears

Cause ALL counselors to be limping before killing any of them. This gets difficult if they suicide on you before you get all of them appropriately slashed.

I wonder if it's possible- probably is. I think it would be difficult to gauge if the bots are all limping at the exact point in time. I usually pass on anything where it's either vague or I can't definitively say I did something.

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Here is my challenge

Camping with Jason.

Find a camping ground, use as many chair kills that is there, then use the campfire kill. After that, kill everyone else in the same camping ground.

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