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Dedicated Physical Backer Customer Service Email

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This is a heads up to all of our physical backers; 

As you are aware, we’ve been working on shipping out your rewards for the past couple of weeks now, and that remains an ongoing affair to all of our backers around the world! We’re happy to announce that we’ve seen very few return-to-sender boxes come in (25 total boxes as of 1-2-2018) and are working to ensure that we get every single backer their correct package. To that end; we’ve set up a new dedicated customer service email to ensure that shipping issues are fully resolved.

Do keep in mind that while we have shipped the vast majority of orders for physical copies of the game, there are only a handful of orders (Under 100) that need special consideration or additional information to fulfill. We will have news below for Kickstarter/BackerKit reward items that have not yet been finalized (Art Book, CD Soundtrack, etc...). 

  • Signed Copies/Signed Sleeves: Whether you are getting the signed regular editions or the signed Steelbook collector’s edition, the game has shipped to you and the signed sleeve/cover will be mailed to you at a later date. With everyone's schedules so hectic and the holidays just passing, this has proved to be a challenge. Never you worry. We're pinning down the signing dates and will be ensuring that all the horror legends and dev team sign your sleeves.
  • Physical Art Book/Physical and Digital Soundtrack: The Physical Art Book and Soundtracks are not finished and will come later once the Single Player Missions is complete. As you may know, Single Player is still in production and we are planning to feature art and music from the whole game in the Art Book & Soundtrack. These will be the definitive releases and you’ll have a very rare, limited edition Art Book and Soundtrack to add to your collections. We will notify everyone via email, on social media and our forums when the soundtrack and art book are finished and ready to ship.
  • Asian Region Physical Games: All Asian Region Physical Games will be fulfilled once that version has been certified on all console platforms. We will notify backers in those regions by email once they are finalized and ready to ship.


The email address is backers@fearthegun.com and is designed to help with outstanding shipping issues that occur with those rewards that have already gone out. Please email this customer support email if you require additional support.

NOTE: this email address is not for checking the status of your shipment if it has not yet been shipped . We are continually working to ship rewards out and will update any backers with tracking info via email as soon as your reward has been packaged and shipped. Please also note that we are unable to help on rewards that were delivered to addresses that were not updated in Backerkit; we are more than happy to provide support for those rewards that have been sent back to us, however we cannot help if the reward was successfully delivered to the listed address on any specific Backerkit reward. 

Thanks so much,

Gun Media

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I never received my digital soundtrack order.  Were the soundtrack orders sent by link in email or in backerkit itself?

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